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Inclusion Community Assessment, Planning & Strategy (Inclusion CAPS)

You know that disability inclusion must be prioritized in your community, and we know that it can be difficult to figure out where to begin. In order to maximize impact and help everyone find belonging, we seek to meet you where you are and help to unpack what true disability inclusion might look like for your community.

Matan works with stakeholders to understand the context, needs, goals, and challenges to inclusion that currently exist within a whole community or singular organization. Our staff produces a comprehensive inclusion strategic plan and maintains ongoing communication until goals are set and “next steps” are in place.

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How We Do It

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How We Do It

Matan believes that prioritizing disability inclusion can be a deeply unifying force, transcending all generations, all denominations and all organizations. Disability inclusion is about galvanizing people to accomplish a shared vision: that the Jewish community can only be complete when people with and without disabilities have opportunities to come together in meaningful ways across the lifespan.

Through our Inclusion Community Assessments, Planning and Strategy (CAPS),  we strive to create opportunities for people across the community to engage in conversations about disability inclusion, a critical step towards achieving a common language and community-wide aspirations.

What To Expect

We work with the hiring agency in order to set clear goals and expectations for our work together, and to establish a comprehensive and diverse list of individuals who will participate in discussions with Matan staff.

From early childhood educators to clergy and congregational schools to Jewish social service agencies, Matan considers a community’s offerings across all life stages, depending on the priorities of the community.

Matan staff conducts upwards of 30-50 hours of meetings and informational interviews (remote or in person) in order to understand the inner workings of your community. We serve as a partner through an extensive research and discovery phase to help identify challenges and build tailored solutions that support and empower your community’s inclusion journey.

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30-50 hours

of meetings and informational interviews conducted

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inclusion strategic 
plan created

Who would benefit from Matan’s Inclusion CAPS?

Who would benefit from Matan’s Inclusion CAPS?

Federations, schools, synagogues and Jewish communal organizations across North America have already benefited from Matan’s Inclusion CAPS (formerly Community Consultations).

Matan’s model fosters a purposeful, coordinated effort among the various stakeholders in a community. Matan works with all Jewish denominations, across all settings of any size. We tailor our work to focus on the needs of the community and the specific interests of the hiring agency.

Matan is the only organization that offers Jewish disability inclusion community-wide assessments.

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Past Engagements

Matan is proud to have completed 
Inclusion CAPS (formerly Community Consultations) for Jewish organizations including: 

Golda Och Academy - A Solomon Shechter School
Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City
Tamir Organization
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
Jewish Federation Cincinnati
Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Park Avenue Synagogue
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta
Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
JCC Mid-Westchester
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and Our Family of Agencies
One Table
Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas


In their own words

“With professionalism, flexibility, and diligence, Matan meaningfully met with dozens of our constituents to provide us with a Roadmap, as we become significantly more supportive of ALL learners. The field is lucky to have the expertise and process that the professionals at Matan provide.”

  • Stephanie Bash-Soudry
  • Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Golda Och Academy

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