Embracing Our Future: Matan's New Brand Identity

May 24, 2024

At Matan, a commitment to reshaping Jewish communities through disability inclusion has always driven us forward. As we approach our 25th year, we recognized the need for a brand identity that truly reflects our expanded work and evolving vision. This realization set us on a transformative journey to create a new brand identity that aligns with who we are today and where we are headed.

Over the past two decades, Matan’s focus grew and evolved. Originally a direct service organization in the New York City area, Matan pivoted to training educators and Jewish communal professionals who work with children. As our Executive Director Dori Frumin Kirshner shares, “We started by focusing on children; we have grown up with those children. They are now adults, and our next frontier expands our focus to also include what is next for them in the Jewish community.” This evolution necessitated a brand that not only honors our roots but also embraces our broader impact and future aspirations.

Workshops and Deep Dives

Our journey began with introspection. Through extensive interviews and collaborative workshops, we delved into our history, examined our impact, and envisioned the future of disability inclusion within Jewish communities. This process was affirming and transformative, highlighting the core values and unique attributes that make Matan special. Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships Meredith Polsky encapsulates this sentiment: “We really need to continue to expand our reach to make sure that every Jewish individual can be included in Jewish life in whatever way they want to be.”

Reshaping Jewish Communities Through Disability Inclusion

The new logo and visual identity symbolize our commitment to inclusivity and interconnectedness. The bright colors and the meshing of elements in the logo signify that we are all interconnected and must act as a unified community. As Dori explains, “The new logo represents that when people are in a community together, they both benefit.’” 

A critical aspect of our rebranding was developing a new website that is user-friendly and accessible. We wanted a platform that serves as a comprehensive resource for our community, reflecting our mission of inclusivity at every level. Our new website ensures intuitive navigation and a welcoming experience for all users, embodying our belief that true inclusion means creating spaces where everyone can thrive.

Celebrating the Launch

The launch of our new brand identity marked a significant milestone for Matan. Seeing our refreshed logo, website, and brand materials come to life was a moment of pride and excitement for the future, and a reminder that Matan’s journey does not end here. As we continue to champion disability inclusion in Jewish communities, we are excited to have a brand identity that truly represents our mission. We look forward to seeing the multitude of ways our new identity will come to life and furthering our commitment to creating inclusive and empowering spaces for all.

The process of exploring a new visual and brand identity for Matan has been an affirming and transformative experience for us. We are eager to debut a new brand identity that truly reflects our values. We are excited to move forward with a refreshed look that embodies our unwavering commitment to inclusion and empowerment.

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